Tick Tox

Tick Tox®  is a new Australian device that is designed to instantaneously kill ticks by snap freezing. It can be used on people and pets.

Ticks are nasty! And prevalent in our area. NEVER try to remove them without freezing them first. DO NOT apply metho or vaseline or try to remove with tweezers. This can aggravate the tick and increase the toxins it injects into your blood stream.

Some of the nastier consequences of a tick bite include:

  • severe life threatening allergic reactions
  • development of an allergic response to consumption of mammalian meat
  • infection with debilitating microbial diseases such as scrub typhus, (caused by Rickettsias), encephalitis (caused by viruses), and parasites
  • paralysis and death if not removed safely and promptly in cats and dogs

Steps to using Tick Tox®

  1. Locate tick (or ticks).
  2. Remove cap of Tick Tox® and practice controlling duration of a squirt.  Check here to see just how little Tick Tox® kills a big tick.
  3. Mask skin with the Tick Tox® “bookmask” and warn the tick’s victim that it may sting!
  4. Aim nozzle at the tick taking great care to not touch the tick.
  5. Spray Tick Tox® for short as possible – less than 1 second is plenty – do not over-use.
  6. Tick is now dead. Dab (or better) spray the bite site with antiseptic.
  7. WAIT for  a minimum of 10 minutes or so. During this time the jaws release –NOTE : the Australian paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclus has the longest jaws of all known tick. Sometimes these massive jaws take a long time to release. Be patient and NEVER squeeze the tick with blunt tweezers – even when it has been snap frozen and killed with Tick Tox.
  8.  Brush dead tick away.
  9.  Dab some more antiseptic on the bite site.
  10.  See a doctor if any disturbing symptoms occur in next few days – for example appearance of a ring around the bite site.

One can of Tick Tox® will kill more than 40 ticks.  And it kills leeches too!